Sansone Chiropractic offers a wide array of services for your overall health and wellness. We provide some of the most advanced healing techniques to assist your body to heal quicker and stay healthy.

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment | Chiropractic Extremity Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustment can correct an impressive range of symptoms and ailments starting with upper and low back pain. It is also effective against neck, shoulder, and leg pain. By normalizing the position of your vertebral joints, we can help you stand and move with a straighter posture, reducing painful muscle strain and improving your nervous system function in the process.


Chiropractic Techniques | Palmer Package | Gonstead Technique | Diversified Technique
Chiropractic Instrument Adjusting | Arthrostim | VDP-Pro


PEMF Therapy | Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy | PER 2000


WBV Therapy | Whole Body Vibration | Weight Loss| Improve Balance | Improve Circulation


Spinal Traction | Automatic Flexion Distraction | Intersegmental Traction Table

Spinal Decompression
You don't have to see a surgeon for problems such as herniated or bulging discs that are putting pressure on your spinal nerves. Our non-surgical spinal decompression techniques can safely and non-invasively correct disc height and position to relieve your pain and other neurological symptoms.  We offer the Vertebral Distraction Pump (VDP) for pinpoint-accurate decompression of specific areas. 

The VDP-PRO is ergonomically designed, is sturdy and lightweight, and is composed of steel, nylon, and die-cast aluminum. The VDP-PRO eliminates the need for chiropractors to purchase and use more cumbersome, expensive and difficult to use tables and machines. The revolutionary and upgraded device comes in two sizes, and is being marketed as the “VDP-PRO.” Interested parties can learn more about it at

The VDP-PRO is non-invasive. With the new bullet-nose-shaped tips, the VDP-PRO penetrates deep into the soft tissue and myofascia, releases the painful restrictions, and provides a very specific distraction force. Due to its specificity, some patients have even experienced a clinical reduction of disc herniation with a single application.


Musculoskeletal Complaints | Neuro Muscular Rehabilitation | Muscle therapy | Physiotherapy

Massage Therapy | Rapid Release Technique is high speed vibration


Weight Loss Program | Chiro Thin | Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program | Structured Eating Program


Nutritional Support for Weight loss | Weight gain | Weight management | Gut health | Brain health |Joint health

Brain Support co-manage conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Stress, ADHD, Addictive habits 
Gut Support co-manage IBS, Celiac Disease, Diverticulitis, Gastritis, Acid reflux, GERD

Nutritional support companies we work with to get you the premium quality support: Nutritional Frontiers | Apex Genetics | Chironutraceutical | VNI Victory Nutrition International | Drucker Labs


Posture Corrector Braces $20 or custom ordered  
Posture is the window into your spine. Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. Good posture is the correct alignment of body parts supported by the right amount of muscle tension against gravity.
Children or Adults Support braces available | Poor posture can affect your health.


Custom Foot Orthotics $300 | Better Balance | Stability | Pain Management
Reduce pain in the body by stabilizing your foundation 
3 arch support for better stablization


Topical Pain Management Products
Pain relieving topical products: CBD Clinic Level 5 The Stick $80, the jar $90.

CBD with Tumeric supplement capsules $85 | Oil: Frontier CBD oil (Cinnamon, Mint, Lemon Unflavored) $80