College Football Team Benefits From Chiropractic

Virginia Tech's football team has experienced a remarkable record during the last several years. Head Coach Frank Beamer took the "Hokies" to a Big East Conference championship where they finished number two in the Associated Press. A few of the credit for their physical health and recovery from injuries is attributed to chiropractic care.

Dr. Greg Tilley, a chiropractor from Blacksburg Virginia started taking care of various members from the team after approaching the team physician to talk about how he could assist the team. "In the beginning there was occasions when I only saw a couple of patients," says Dr. Tilley. "Now I've been allocated an office in the sports complex where I have my own portable table, and they have an agenda in which the trainers can schedule times for their athletes to see me. Junior quarterback Grant Noel began receiving adjustments in July of 2001. He feels that chiropractic gives him better flexibility and range of motion. "Just getting my back adjusted and loose aids in my trunk mobility in terms of twisting and throwing." With the success and testimonials of the football team, other athletes have also begun chiropractic. Athletes from the schools swimming, diving, lacrosse, soccer, and basketball programs have begun regular adjustments. Mike Gentry, the assistant athletic director for athletic performance, summed it up by saying, "I see chiropractic as having two functions from my perspective. It helps our athletes return to competition faster if they have sustained some injuries, and secondly, it seems to be preventative, in the sense that it keeps our athletes more mobile and flexible and feeling better."

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