Chiropractors Show Up In Media Much More

When compared with years past, stories depicting individual chiropractors in a positive light are appearing in many cases. Years back, really the only stories the press would publish on chiropractors were attempts to show them like a fringe group well disliked with the medical community. Today not many of these stories arise and more of the positive stories hit the media. One particular story derives from the November 08, 2000 Birmingham News titled, "Chiropractor joins team providing actors' health care". This story is all about two chiropractors that are brothers and who both take care of the theater performers in 2 different cities, Boston and Birmingham. The tale is about how these two are relied upon by the actors to stay healthy and perform better.

Another article very favorable to chiropractic was coming from a Washington Post Staff writer. In the Nov. 6, 2000 article he recanted that just before his back problem he though he'd never check out a chiropractor in a thousand years. But after medicine failed him and his life was ruled by his problem, he went. He spent the remainder of the article bragging about how great chiropractic is and the way it changed his life.
Possibly the best benefit of such recent articles was a description in the newspaper of what chiropractic is by the Chiropractor they interviewed. In it this doctor said, "Chiropractic has a lot to do with the wellness section of peoples lives. Not surprisingly, your spine protects your central nervous system, which controls your entire body. To become healthy, you need to ensure the central nervous system is functioning at 100 %. The misalignment from the vertebrae known in the profession as subluxation may cause a multitude of disorders. Such as digestive difficulties, sinus problems and allergies, in addition to the typical discomfort with the neck or lower back."

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