On September 13, 2005, Medical News Today published the announcement of the development of chiropractic guidelines for pediatric care. The rules "The Child Patient: A Matrix for Chiropractic Care" was originally released like a supplement to its peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics (JCCP) Vol. 6, No.3, 2005.

The production is noteworthy in 2 respects. This is actually the very first time guidelines like these have been published with parameters establishing the demand for chiropractic care for kids of every age group. But in addition, as these guidelines were published as a supplement to a scientific, peer reviewed journal, the medical news outlet "Medical News Today" acquired the production and published it in their general release intended for all physicians and also the general public. Dr. Joan Fallon, Board of Directors member of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) and past chair and current Executive Committee member of the ICA Pediatrics Council stated, "The foundation of chiropractic care may be the presence of subluxation." She continued, "For children, subluxation manifests itself differently compared to adults, as well as may occur because of multiple non- pain producing activities particularly in the very young child. The Matrix closely examines the presence of subluxation in the child with respect to their anatomy, physiology and development." Dr. Lora Tanis, Chairperson of the ICA Pediatrics Council noted the importance of these guidelines by stating, "This is an invaluable contribution to the profession and to the public at large because for the first time we have a published document that explains why infants and toddlers need chiropractic care and how the need and/or frequency of care relates to birth trauma, immune system maturity and developmental milestones along with any abnormal, congenital, traumatic or acquired injuries the child may have."

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