SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2019 the office will be closed to attend the annual EASTER EGG HUNT at O'Block Junior Highschool 9:30am -12:00pm


Admission to this event is FREE. Reach out asks that you bring 2 cans of food for the Plum Food Pantry


Dr. Amanda Sansone will be donating a generous weight loss package to their  Chinese Auction.
Be sure to stop by my table and say Hello :-) plus see what goodies are in store for the day!
The Contour Light treatment is painless; You can expect to feel a gentle warming sensation. Most individuals will read or listen to music, and some will take a nap during the 20 minute session. The Contour Light treatment is safe for almost everyone (certain contraindications preclude some individuals from being treated) and there are no negative side effects. One of the best parts about the Contour Light Program is you can resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment because there is no recovery or downtime.

Welcome to The Sansone Chiropractic! 

The Sansone Chiropractic provides spinal healthcare/chiropractic services to patients of all ages. Sansone Chiropractic utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to health care, combining core elements of several complimentary therapies, and concentrates on helping patients reach optimal health by finding and treating the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Our goal at Sansone Chiropractic is to allow everyone to experience the benefits of spinal health care by providing chiropractic care which consist of specific manual or instrument adjustments (spinal or extremity) to address joint fixation/subluxation.

Sansone Chiropractic also assists healthy patients in optimizing and improving performance and function in their everyday life, including work, sports and activities, and more.

By removing interferences, such as misaligned bones, tight connective tissue, nutritional deficiencies, poor dietary habits, imbalanced meridians, and more, Sansone Chiropractic helps patients heal and excel the way we were meant to.  Naturally.

The office is located in Pittsburgh, serving all local communities in Plum Borough, Murrysville, Delmont, Apollo, New Kensington, Penn Hills, Lower Burrell, Pitcairn and Monroeville areas.

Call today to begin your journey towards functional improvement and total body wellness! (724) 519-2704