What To Expect


Step through our doors and you’ll find yourself right where you’re supposed to be, in a place that’s passionate about who you are and why you’re here. We believe health should never stop any one from enjoying a get-up-and-go lifestyle, so through our modern treatments and personal care plans we aim to improve and maintain your quality of life.

Specializing in individualized treatment plans, we spend quality time with you, getting to know your unique history and conducting a detailed exam all within a comfortable setting. Your first visit is designed to help us put together a comprehensive, customized plan that will bring you the exact relief your body needs.

We are accepting New Patients who may be dealing with:

Acute Pain, Chronic Pain, Automobile Accidents, Slip and Fall, or other injuries leaving you with symptoms of body aches and pain, Nutrition support and Weight Loss Clients. 

Are you suffering from chronic conditions such as Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes Mellitus II, poor gut health such as IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other inflammatory issues to name a few? If yes, we run a 24-hour Integrated Urinalysis Panel Test to show us where the stress is in your body by the food choices you are making. This will show us how your body is being pushed and where we can offer support.   

Keep your spine healthy with Preventative Wellness Care. Why wait for a pain or a problem to start.

If an injury would occur the chances of a speedy recovery are more likely since you have been proactive to keep your body/spine healthy.

Insurance coverage can be tricky but we will be happy to help explain what is covered under their guidelines and what is not covered. 

We look forward to helping you reach your health goals the best way we can at Sansone Chiropractic!


Please bring your most recent x-rays, MRI report &/or other medical information as it pertains to your appointment. This office does not provide x-rays at this location.

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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease." -Thomas Edison


Our Mission 

To help restore health and get the body back to balance as well as maximize your  full potential. We offer a team work approch to help you become the best version of yourself and experience the benefits of spinal health care by through Chiropractic Care to get back into the athletic game or the game of life! 
Sansone Chiropractic is goal oriented and welcomes all community members all ages with a short term goals/complaints or long term goals/complaints work towards restoring their health and functionality. 

Cost of Care

We accept all community members who are seeking Pain Managment Support, Preventive Care Support, Wellness Care Support, Nutrition Support, Weight Loss Support and General Overall Health Support. We make care affordable and make you a priority along your journey to work towards restoring your health, achieving  your health goals and becoming the best version of yourself through Chiropractic Care.


Sansone Chiropractic only participates with Medicare and Highmark BCBS Insurance. The satellite Military Veterans Affairs Program has ended as we have been informally notified June 14, 2021. If the VA restores the distance program will look forward to continue serving veterans. In the mean time, All veterans (active and retired) are welcome to Sansone Chiropractic as we have a Military discounts available as we appreciate your service. Please bring a Military ID with your appointment.

Sansone Chiropractic accepts all health savings benefits cards regardless of the insurance company you work with. We can provide a superbill for any community members if we our out of network with your insurance carrier.
HSA/FSA benefits cards are accepted for our weight loss program with a BMI over 24.9. A superbill or letter of medical necessity can be provided upon request. 

Personal Health Insurance does not cover chronic, maintenance or preventative care. Contact the office for questions. 

Automobile Injury/Personal Injury cases are accepted as long as your case is active and follows Pennsylvania state guidelines. All potential new patients in this category must provide a claim number, the adjuster and the adjusters contact information with your initial appointment. 

Payments accepted