Dr. Amanda M. Sansone ~ Doctor of Chiropractic ~ Weight Loss Coach ~ Health and Nutritional Advice 

Sansone Chiropractic would like to welcome you!The practice uses the most effective and researched strategies to address patient needs. Dr. Amanda Sansone DC, Pittsburgh Chiropractor, has served the Pittsburgh area since 2013.

Dr. Amanda Sansone received her doctorate degree from Palmer Chiropractic College Davenport, Iowa in 2012.

Dr. Amanda Sansone is a native of Plum Borough and is practicing in her hometown. Her introduction to chiropractic began after being in a motor vehicle accident in 2004.

Dr. Amanda introduction to chiropractic started with a bang! At the age of 26, she was involved in a car accident when a drunk driver hit into her car on the Parkway East. The good news was no broken bones but substantial soft tissue injuries. Her mother worked in a office above a Chiropractors office. Moms always know best!! Her mother recommended she seek care with Dr. French, the office below hers. Neither Amanda or her mom had any real understanding of what chiropractic could offer at the time nor did they have any previous background of chiropractic. Who would of thot this would be the start of an amazing journey!!!

 After a few months of care and rehab, “I experienced additional benefits other than the soft tissue injuries and pain from the car accident. I began to notice and experience increased energy, feeling motivated about life, improved personality. I noticed changes in my seasonal allergy issues. That was eye opening because I have been taking OTC meds like seldane, clariton, allegra since my childhood. It was fasinating. I looked forward to each adjustment and began loving the results I was receiving and I thot I was only there to manage the pain."  

Dr. Amanda's transition to become a chiropractor is a phenomenal story! Patient, employee, Chiropractic Assistant, Chiropractic Technical Assistant, Student at Palmer Chiropractic College, The ulitmate goal achieving the reward of being the Doctor of Chiropractic.

“I’m grateful for my mentors and friends Dr. Craig French, Dr. Debra Stango and Dr. Kirk Childers, Sandra Childers and my #1 fan my mother for the motivation and encouragement to pursue an elite profession who can serve and care for another human being.”

My passion is to help as many people as I can experience chiropractic care to instill confidence, belief, encouragment that health is the goal and can be obtained by natural means of care.   My purpose is to teach an individual about spine health and why it is an essential part of health. The little saying,  your body has the ability to heal itself..lets talk about what that means when you are ready. I'm here for you and ready to serve. Dr. Amanda