What To Expect

You will be welcomed to the office. Allow for 10 minutes to complete the initial paperwork. To save you time, new patient paperwork can be emailed to you. Next, you will meet Dr. Sansone for a consultation discussing your current health concerns.

  • In the consultation be as descriptive about your reason to visit the office whether it be a Pain Managment Case (automobile accident, slip and fall, or other injury leaving you symptomatic), Preventative Wellness Case (Maintenace Spinal Health Care), Nutrition Client, Weight Loss Client and/or a Body Image Client. 


  • Chiropractic Clients: After a review of systems, information and the consultation, a examination will be performed by Dr. Sansone consisting of orthopedic testing, neurologic testing, postural evaluation, musculoskeletal testing and vertebral palpation evaluation. After the examination assessment, you may receive care the same day by Chiropractic adjustment and Physio-Therapy modalities to address your chief complaint.  After receiving care and recommendations by Dr. Sansone a follow up visit is recommended in 1-2 days to monitor progress to reach your health goals.
  • Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Body Contouring Clients will be evaluated by a body composition analyis scale to determine parimeters of your current level of health and doctors recommendations. 


Cost of Care

Pain managment, Preventive Care, Wellness Care are 3 types of care available to help you  achieve your health goals. Sansone Chiropractic offers same day treatment, short term pain management plan, preventive/wellness care plans available. 


In Network Provider with Highmark BCBS, UPMC Health Plan and Medicare
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What patients should know about insurance

  • Quote of benefits is not a guarantee of payment.
  • We file and bill insurance as a courtesy for the patient.
  • We call to verify insurance, but we recommend patients also call before coming in.
  • We inform our patients what the insurance company quotes us.
  • We assist the patients if they need help understanding insurance information.


Our goal at Sansone Chiropractic is to allow everyone to experience the benefits of spinal health care by providing chiropractic care which consist of specific manual or instrument adjustments (spinal or extremity) to address joint fixation/subluxation.



Payment forms accepted: HSA/FSA Benefits cards, Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX and Care Credit

Specifically to the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program HSA/FSA/Benfits card can be accepted as long as your BMI is greater than 24.9.


To discuss your options, contact 724-519-2704 as we participate with CareCredit

Patients can also enjoy NO INTEREST options, if paid within a plan period; minimum monthly payment plans required. CareCredit can also be used to cover deductibles and co-payments. 





To learn more about CareCredit, please watch this instructive patient financing video below:

To apply for CareCredit, please submit the online application..