Cost of Care

We accept all community members who are seeking Pain Managment Support, Preventive Care Support, Wellness Care Support, Nutrition Support and Weight Loss Support. We make care affordable and make you a priority to  help you restore health and achieve your health goals. 


Sansone Chiropractic only participates with Medicare, Highmark BCBS Insurance and Military VA Program. If you are VA member you will need to get a referral from your PCP through the VA program to our office for care to be covered based on their rules of the program.

Sansone Chiropractic accepts all health savings benefits cards regardless of the insurance company you work with. We can provide a superbill for any community members if we our out of network with your insurance carrier. 

All services and products availabe at Sansone Chiropractic can use a Health Savings account including our weight loss program as long as your BMI is over 24.9. We will provide you with the necessary superbill or letter of medical necessity if need be for you to submit to your insurance carrier.

Personal Health Insurance does not cover chronic, maintenance or preventative care. Contact the office for questions. 

Automobile Injury/Personal Injury cases are accepted as long as your case is active and follows Pennsylvania state guidelines. All potential new patients in this category must provide a claim number, the adjuster and the adjusters contact information with your initial appointment. 


Mission to serve our community members

Our goal is to help you work towards restoring your health whether it is to get back into the athletic game or the game of life! A team work approch to help you become the best version of yourself! 

 Our goal at Sansone Chiropractic is to allow everyone to experience the benefits of spinal health care by providing chiropractic care which consist of specific manual or instrument adjustments (spinal or extremity) to address joint fixation/subluxation, nutrition and other cellular health therapies supporitive services to accelerate or give the body the best chance to restore functionality. 

Sansone Chiropractic is goal oriented to help a community member with a short term complaints or long term complaints work towards restoring their health to restore functionality. 



Wellness Care | Preventative Care | Maintenance Care

Pay as you go, as needed care and custom packages available based on your spinal health care needs to support your bodies ability to adapt and function at its best possiblity.


Payment Options 

All credit cards are accepted including HSA/FSA benefits cards. Our credit card machine automatically charges a 3.5% fee that goes directly to the merchant and not to Sansone Chiropractic and is unavoidable. We accept cash or check forms of payment to avoid this fee. 

We accept online payments. Paypal (friend to friend) and Venmo


Specifically to the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program HSA/FSA/Benfits card can be accepted as long as your BMI is greater than 24.9. 

If paying for the ChiroThin Metabolic Program by Care Credit is only available at retail price $999.99 and is not eligible for any in-office promotions or discounts but 6 or 12 month deferment options are available.

 Finance Options

ScratchPay | Care Credit 

ScratchPay - No Hard Credit Check, 99% approval

  Pay Later Take 5 Pay over time
Number of payments 3 5* 12 or 24**
Frequency Monthly Bi-weekly Monthly
APR** 0% 0% Varies by applicant

Click on the image to get started! 


Care Credit - Hard Credit Check for new clients 

To discuss your options, contact 724-519-2704 as we participate with CareCredit

Patients can also enjoy NO INTEREST options, if paid within a plan period; minimum monthly payment plans required. CareCredit can also be used to cover deductibles and co-payments. 





To learn more about CareCredit, please watch this instructive patient financing video below:

To apply for CareCredit, please submit the online application..