Dr. Amanda Sansone's Results with ChiroThin Program

Dr. Amanda's 42 day program results

Lost 32.1 pounds and 20 inches! 

"If I can do this, anyone can!"                   Dr. Amanda 


After 2 knee surgeries, (Nov 2015 and March 2017) the phrase  "I'm fine" response was routine but i knew I just wanted the pain to go away and be able to walk without these symptoms therefore ignoring my other aspects of my life and health. 

In January 2018, the weight scale was over the 280 mark and that really concerned me. I have never weighed this much in my entire life. I have always been very active in recreational sports since my youth but would never let my weight hinder my athletic abilities. I can attest how easy it is to get off track physically, mentally and emotionally after these surgical procedures. My health and life were spiralying out of out control but I kept telling myself "Im fine." It's now mid January 2018 and I was fed up with how I was feeling/living. I just said, "enough is enough"


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After 3 - 6 week programs in a 6 month time frame of ChiroThin 2018: Feb 10, 2018  -  August 11, 2018     Dr. Amanda went from 277.3 down to 203.6. Aside from the dropping 73.7 lbs, I have dropped 58.75 inches, increased energy, more confident in my appearance, comfortable in my own skin, feel healthier, getting better sleep, my visceral fat score is 1 point away from a normal range. Overall, its a win win for my health and my life! Going through this process, I can genuinely connect and understand what you might be going through if you are struggling with weight issues, needing support to regain your health and life! I look foward to meeting you soon!


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