Dr. Amanda Sansone's Success Story

I started the ChiroThin weight loss program on February 10, 2018. I completed my first 42 days on March 23, 2018, and dropped 32.1 pounds of fat and 20 inches!

I am getting results and so can you!! This program is not like any other weight loss program I've experienced. Being over weight has been an issue my entire life.  The one benefit I had going for me through out my life was being active, athletic and participating in recreational sports. I would participate in sports through my highschool career which kept me active. When I got in my 20's & 30's, the summer ball kept me active but I was not getting the physical work out I once was. I never experienced limitations due to my weight regarding any of my regular daily activities. Things changed dramitically, in the summer of 2014, I injuried my right knee playing softball. Playing infield position, I jumped up to catch a ball and when I came down my right knee buckled and I fell straight to the ground. I heard that tearing sound.  Im pretty sure I blacked out for a moment. It was intense! My teammates carried me off the field. Through alot of adrenaline coursing through my body, I was able to walk to my car and drive myself home. I eventually learned, I had torn my ACL and a medial meniscus tear. I had surgery to repair the ACL and medial meniscus in November 2015. Since that first knee surgery, I continued to experience tremendous discomfort, knee pain and constant numbing sensation. The pain persisted and was very uncomfortable since that 1st surgery. I sought out another orthopedist specialist for help with my symptoms. In March 2017, I had a 2nd knee surgery. Post surgery I learned, there was a loose suture causing the medial knee pain and contributing to the persistent numbing sensation. Also, there was a lateral meniscus tear that was repaird. On a postive note the ACL was fine. In a matter of 17 months, (Nov 2015 and March 2017) I have had 2 knee surgeries and became "fine" with the situation but I just wanted the pain to go away and be able to walk again. I have acccepted the fact that I may never play softball again.  What was next for me?

In January 2018, the weight scale was tipping upwards of 280 and that really concerned me. I have never weighed this much in my entire life. I have always been overweight around 220-230 lbs. I have always been very active in recreational sports since my youth but would never let my weight hinder my athletic abilities. I can attest how easy it is to get off track physically, mentally and emotionally after these surgical procedures. My response after the surgeries was short and sweet, always saying to myself, friends/famly who may have asked, "Im fine". This became my standard line was "I'm fine".  I told myself that I was fine but truthfully, I didn't know how, where or who to ask for help. As a health care provider, Im the one people seek out for help and now the roles have changed where I needed the support, help and guidance. My health and life were spiralying out of out control but I kept telling myself "Im fine." It's now mid January 2018 and I was fed up with how I was feeling/living. I just said, "enuff is enuff."

My timing was spot on as a friend of mine had just completed the ChiroThin program. After seeing his before and after pictures and knowing the actual person in those photos this peaked my curiosity about this program. I was on board to learn more about ChiroThin program.  I took that leap of faith knowing my friend and trusting his advice. I said let's do this! My knee complaint was managed and better than it has been since that original injury. This was the start of something amazing!

My personal feedback about the ChiroThin program has been nothing short of miraculous. Since I started the ChiroThin program I have more energy, feel lighter as a person, less stressed, more confident, happier and more passionate to do my job. The first round of 10 weeks, I began to feel motivated and excited about life again.
"If I can do this, anyone can!" Its clean eating, real foods, doctor supervised program for support, accountability and team work = results!

I am grateful for my friend Gary and my family support. My friends/family are rock star motivators!! My sisters and mother have all done the ChiroThin program and we are winning against The Standard American Diet. We are eating better, feeling better, enjoying time together, looking better and healthier!  


I have successful completed 3 - 10 week programs in a 6 month time frame of ChiroThin 2018: Feb 10, 2018  -  August 11, 2018 I have went from 277.3 down to 203.6. Aside from the dropping 73.7 lbs, I have dropped 58.75 inches, increased energy, more confident in my appearance, comfortable in my own skin, feel healthier, getting better sleep, my visceral fat score is 1 point away from a normal range. Overall, its a win win for my health and my life! Going through this process, personally I can genuinely connect and understand what you might be going through if you are struggling with weight issues, needing support to regain your health and life! I look foward to meeting you soon!

My experience thus far: there has been no issues with the shakes, starving, cravings, being moody or fatigued. Another great change is the skin tightens and tones up as you drop the weight. The ChiroThin program has giving me the confidence and results to get my life back and enjoy people and events again!!  

Ask yourself ? One Day or Day One?  It's your decision but I'm ready to work with you to reach your health goals! You are not alone, We are a TEAM!!

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