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Dr. Amanda's story:

I started the ChiroThin program on February 10, 2018. I completed my first 42 days today, March 23, 2018, and dropped 32.1 pounds of fat and 20 inches!

I am getting results and so can you!! This program is not like any other weight loss program I've experienced. Weight has been an issue my entire life, being able to be active and participating in sports has been my outlet to staying in shape and the weight the never affected my daily activities. Things changed tremendously since I injuried my right playing softball in 2014. I had torn my ACL and medial and lateral meniscus tears which ended up resulting in not 1 but 2 knee surgeries (Nov 2015 and March 2017).  Earlier this year, I was seeing numbers on the scale I have never seen before do to not being active. I just said, "enuff is enuff. My timing was spot on as another friend of mine had already gone through the ChiroThin program earlier this year. After seeing his before and after pictures and knowing the actual person in those photos this gave me a boost in motivation to get my life back on the right track. Since starting this program, I have been more energized, I feel lighter and not so full feeling. I have the encouragment/support from my parents and sisters.They are like rock star motivators!! One of my sisters has started this program too and we are bonding now more than ever and getting results!  

My experience thus far: there has been no issues with the shakes, starving, cravings, being moody or fatigue.

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